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The project is a further evolution of the Dialogue Through Film program, to produce a series of joint Armenian-Azerbaijani documentary films examining conflict narratives as seen on each side of the Karabagh conflict. The narratives include the origin of the conflict, its phases of development and its challenges, presented by Armenian and Azerbaijani parties. Each of the three films consists of four segments – 2 Armenian and 2 Azerbaijani, forming a one-hour-long circle. 

The Parts of Circle is the joint initiative of the Media Initiatives Center and Internews Azerbaijan with the involvement of Conciliation Resources NGO (UK) within the framework of EU funded European Partnership for the Peaceful Settlement of the Conflict over Nagorno-Karabakh (EPNK).  

The Caucadoc (Caucasus Documentary) project supports documentary filmmaking and use of documentaries as a tool for education and public awareness raising in the South Caucasus. CAUCADOC includes residential workshops and master classes to contribute to the production of documentary films, regional festivals on documentary films, and debates focusing on key issues related to audiovisual and documentary film industry. Currently MIC conducts weekly media literacy classes for high school children by promoting use of media and films for education. MIC also organizes public screenings of documentary films on human rights.  CAUCADOC is being implemented in partnership with People in Need and Sakdoc Film with support of the EU Eastern Partnership Culture Program.

The project encourages the balanced and ethical reporting on the Nagorno Karabagh, Abkhazia and South Ossetia conflicts and related issues through advanced training courses for media leaders, TV production on major events in the region and publication of articles on analyzing conflict reporting and various journalistic approaches. The project is jointly implemented with Internews Azerbaijan and Internews Georgia with financial support received from the British Embassies in respective countries.